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​​​​Welcome to GUSTO CONTROLS!

We design and manufacture customised Embedded Systems based Control Solutions for various specialised applications. Our systems are majorly targeted towards medical equipment, industrial laboratory equipment, prototype/small-batch production machinery, handheld & battery powered testing devices, commercial bench-top machinery, etc.

Our technical capabilities for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) include:

  1. Design and manufacture of Control Board (PCB) as per product requirement.
  2. Embedded Firmware (Software for Micro-controller) development.
  3. TFT LCD with Touchscreen (2.2" to 10.1" sizes)
  4. Customised Graphical User Interface (GUI) development for Touchscreen LCD display.
  5. USB, Ethernet and Wi-fi connectivity for machine/device.
  6. RFID Authentication for security/tracking purpose.
  7. Pilot software development for Windows/Linux desktop.


Food & Dairy OEMs

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Petroleum & Chemical OEMs

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